What our customers have to say.

I highly recommend the hidden fence system! I have 6 maremmas and have it for all of them! Gives me so much piece of mind having it!

I highly recommend it to anyone with dogs who could potentially get out!

Michelle, Kenthurst, NSW

What a relief to come home and find the dog still there! We had spent many hours searching for our wandering kelpie, his curiosity got the better of him and he constantly ventured off our property.

We decided to fence our entire 5 acres, so he can still roam – but within the boundaries. It was installed so quickly, and training was very simple too. A great decision for our family. Thanks!

Lucy, Galston, NSW

“We live on 22 acres at Jilliby NSW and have 2 dogs, 2 goats and horses.

Rather than spend great deal of money on fencing we decided to try the Hidden Fence idea to keep the dogs in the house yard and the goats away from the house area, (where they had taken up residence on our verandah).

We found it easy to install (with some support from Vance and Joe at Hidden Fence) and by following the training instructions to the letter, had the dogs trained not to cross the flags within a week or so. We had a 12 month old Boxer and 9 year old German Short Haired Pointer and by the time we were ready to let the dogs feel the zap from the wire, they only had a zap about twice and quickly understood not to cross the line. We were able to confidently leave them in the front yard unattended.

The goats were not so easy to train because they were not used to being on a lead but a few strong zaps and they decided that they didn’t need to come into the home area at all and even now without collars they never come near the house.

That was 4 years ago and we are now on our next German Short haired Pointer who is 12 months old and fully trained to stay in the front yard, even when motor bikes or horses pass by. The dog don’t understand that the collar controls the charge so even  if they don’t have the collar on all the time they don’t cross the line, unless invited by my daughter or myself, and then only at one gate.

I can highly recommend the Hidden Fence product and have been very pleased with the support and service from the company. The staff are only a phone call away and are very friendly and helpful. It was worth the cost as we can take it with us if we move and it save us a heap of money on fencing and we have wonderful peace of mind that or dogs are safe and secure but are still able to guard the house.”

Rhonda, Jilliby, NSW

“My name is Leanne and I have had the Hidden Fence since 5th March 08, It has been the best way to keep my Kelpie X in the yard on occasions such as New Year Eve, Australia day & Easter fireworks as well as thunder storms. Our fences are only 5ft and NYE Dec 07 he could bound over them easy which we found out and he was gone till the 26th of Jan 08. After placing flyers in letterbox’s and running an Ad in the local paper, then by nothing more than luck a neighbour found him wandering the side street. So I hunted the net to find The Hidden Fence Co. I feel it has been the best investment for my dogs safety & my piece of mind, I have had Joe come out on a few occasions to make a few adjustments, he has been wonderful we need more people that care like Joe to help keep our pet’s safe, I have recommended the system to many friends and neighbours and there family members that have asked about the system also I’ve placed remarks etc on Facebook. I highly recommend this system to anyone that loves the family dog.”


Hi Joe, just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the hidden fence! It’s been a total success. Has given me great relief and made a huge difference to my life! I know you were joking when you said I could sell this system – but I would and will happily recommend to everyone.

Cheers Sue, Cattai

Life is a lot better now that we can contain the dogs, it works a treat.

It’s even quite funny to see the chooks when they free range run to the other side of the flags when the dog come near them.

It’s amazing what they work out for themselves.

Jane, Mudgee Wines

We have a 8month old Kelpie, Hidden Fence installed the fence 1 week before we got the dog. Works very well, Kelpie always stops when he hears the beep. Highly recommend it.

Melinda Foster

We love our Hidden Fence. The guy in this area is really helpful and does a free quote.

Keira Glasgow